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If something is worth writing, it is worth writing well. 

Our goal? To improve, enhance, and refine your written image. 


Your business and professional reputation and image rely on written content, messaging, and communications that are clear, concise, and error-free. As an editorial services company, we provide professional writing, editing, and proofreading services for businesses and individuals, professionals, authors, and students – anyone who writes.

We do technical writing, procedural documents, employee handbooks, website reviews, manuscript reviews, book editing and formatting, ghostwriting, email marketing, newsletters, and dissertations.


You know what your document is supposed to say. We help you say it the best way possible. 

What's New

Just published!

image of author on North Pole

Drawn to the Heavens: My Story of Love, Devotion, and Perseverance in the Face of Adversity  tells the authors’s story—his will to  live life to the fullest... even when the way forward is bleak. 

Author Tony Spallone's 4th mystery!


 Revenge Is Not Justice tells a story of relationships torn apart by lust and greed—emotions that blind reason.  

Another book edited!

book cover

Just out! The Text Messaging Voyage: An Uncluttered Journey for Nontechnical Souls, by author and industry expert Eduardo Brazao.     

Client Awards

2nd Place Newsletter


National recognition for 2018 as co-editor of monthly newsletter.

2019 TopShelf Fiction Finalist

book cover

As editor, we supported the author's finalist status in  TopShelf's indie author contest in Crime & Mystery category.

Contractor Wins 3 Times!


Presentations we prepared supported contractor's win in 3 categories.